Apple Store opens in Singapore


Apple Stores around the world traditionally have its presence in first world countries, and Singapore should be no exception.  It took a while, but it’s finally here.  Before this, the nearest Apple Stores in the region would probably be the ones in Hong Kong.  I remember a few years back when I visited the island, one of the top things in my itinerary was to drop by an Apple Store; never mind skipping Disneyland. And that is precisely because Apple Stores have become more than just stores, but iconic landmarks usually placed at the center of a metropolis. From its iconic Fifth Avenue in the heart of New York City, to the Ginza store in Tokyo – and now, Singapore Orchard Road. Continue reading “Apple Store opens in Singapore”


Somewhere Down The Road – A Random Act of Kindness Workshop

Waking up randomly one day and thinking of what random acts of kindness I can do for strangers has not been a normal practice for me. Yes, I am not unfamiliar with compassionate love and fortunately have had my fair share in sincerely reaching out to help those in need, but pushing myself to look out specifically to give a random act of kindness is something I have not tried. A fruitful exercise from our local community, aptly named “Somewhere Down The Road” addressed just that.  Continue reading “Somewhere Down The Road – A Random Act of Kindness Workshop”

iPhone 4S vs BlackBerry Bold 9900

All gadgets have a defining, evolutionary moment. For smartphones, the time may be now.  As we closed the year 2011, we’ve seen a handful of surviving OS species in the world of super smartphones blossomed and developed distinct personalities of its own. And as we enter 2012, I would like to pit against each other 2 of the giants, and my best personal choices in the industry: the iPhone 4S and the BlackBerry Bold 9900. Continue reading “iPhone 4S vs BlackBerry Bold 9900”

Make a change. Don’t say.

Some time before 2006, I was generally apathetic to charity, largely detached from the idea of giving or the compassionate aspects of activism. Basically “socially unaware”. But then in contrast, I used to blurb about changes in society and the political fixes that supposedly can “cure” the cancer of our society and culture. I frequently debate and argue about all those; all talk no deed. In one of a sparring of words and principles with another highly opinionated (yet comfortably rests on the opposite view of things) colleagues – my then Manager/Supervisor in a company I used to work for, confronted me with a valuable principle that put me in my place: Continue reading “Make a change. Don’t say.”

#Quote: Ninoy Aquino

“We should not depend on one man. We should depend on all of us. All of us are expendable in the cause for freedom. Therefore I say, stand up now and be a leader – and when all of us are leaders, we will expedite the cause of freedom.”

Benigno S. Aquino Jr.

#Quote: Ferdinand Marcos

“I do not demand of you more than I shall demand of myself and of our government. So seek not from government what you cannot find in yourself.”

Ferdinand E. Marcos

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