A Rendezvous with Destiny

I chronicled this in 2003 and I just thought of writing it to share it to the world. The girl in the story is my ex-girlfriend, we are no longer together now and are currently living separate lives. Just to emphasize the matter that when this dream took place, and i wrote the piece, we were still together at the time. No connections whatsoever to the events of the present day.


When we dream, even how real it may feel sometimes, the feeling disappears after a day or two.  Eventually, we forget the stories of our dreams even how vivid they may be.

But I had this unique dream.  One that I could never forget.  It was so real that after months have passed, even years, I could still remember every detail of it.  The things I saw and the feelings within the dream are still very clear in my mind until now.    

June 27, 2003

A Short Trip to an unknown Paradise.

            It was weird and twisted as all dreams are.  It began with blurry images until it slowly became clearer and clearer.  I was party hopping, from one house to another with a lot of familiar people popping in and out of the scene randomly.  All the time I was texting my girlfriend, Tetet/ Rosette Tillmann because she was on her way back from the U.S. and I was waiting for any word on her arrival.  I was constantly in contact with her through SMS with a Nokia 5210 cellphone.  I kept on texting her “Nasan ka na? txt mo lang ako ha…basta nandito lang ako.  Txt mo ko pag nandyan ka na.” (Where are you? Just txt me, I’m just here. Txt me when you are there.) and she would constantly reply, “Malapit na ako basta hintayin mo lang ako ha?…” (I’ll be arriving shortly, just please wait for me.).  From one house-party to another, the blurry dream sequence finally settled in Pio Rodriguez’  (a very closed friend) house.  Still, familiar random faces that I know were in the party, and my communication with Tetet through SMS continued as I was so eager to see her already.  The house of Pio was huge, the crowd in the party was big and the drinks were flowing in.  I had too much to drink for the entire night and I was getting tipsy, so I decided to rest on nearby couch.  People were all around, the music was loud, and I was getting real dizzy.  As I sat down, the dream sequence became even more blurry and I was slowly falling asleep.  Still holding my cellphone waiting for any message from Tetet, the alcohol finally went up to my head and I began to lose consciousness.

Then there was suddenly a split second abnormality to the dream sequence.  A sudden glitch, and everything was blank for a very short moment.  Like the dream froze and there was nothing to see.

            After the weird short ‘glitch’, I suddenly see myself falling from the sky.  I opened my eyes and I was rapidly falling down to an unknown Island.  I finally reached the ground, but the fall didn’t hurt me.  I fell from way up in the sky but when I fell on the ground, I felt no pain.  I stood up and I noticed I was in a forest of some sort.  I looked around and walked.  The trees were tall and the island seemed very, very old.  I walked around to explore the island.  There was an unexplainable feeling around it.  Exploring the place, I walked away from the forest part of the island and was surprised to see that the island had a desert in it.  A literal desert where there is only the sun and the vast sand.  And from not so far from the desert, the island had a section where the area is made up of ice.  I went there and saw large scales of ice drifting on frozen icy waters and was snowing all over the place.  So to my surprise, the feeling was very weird.  The island was divided between a forest, a desert, and freezing ice.  Still with confusion, I went back to the forest part of the island.  As I walked, I looked around the tall trees.  So old I could see huge roots and branches as if the trees were thousands of years old.  The wind was so cold and I could notice small bits of snow falling. As I looked around the forest, the cold wind blowing was bringing wonderful and unexplainable feeling within me.  The place was so quiet and was so…at peace.  There was this warm feeling of unexplainable happiness.  Then I saw a nearby river.  I looked down on it and noticed that the water was a bit dirty.  But I observed that it wasn’t dirty because the river is polluted or intoxicated, the river was dirty because it was so old.  So old the river was that the dirt got so thick in the water.  It was so obvious that the river and the island itself was untouched my man.  So with little hesitation, I went to the river and made a short swim.  The water felt so wonderful.  As I swam, the thick dirt slowly scattered away revealing crystal clear water.  After a quick swim, I notice a nearby garden.  I went to the garden and stared at its unexplainable beauty.  The flowers around it had very vivid colors and the beauty of the sun’s ray touching the grass overwhelmed me so much that I tried to go near.  The most beautiful and unforgettable sight of the garden was the green bermuda grass.  I crouched down and tried to touch it, it was so soft like fine fur. The overwhelming sight made me smile and heard a whisper in my mind, “I think this is the garden of Eden.  This is the garden, the ‘paraiso’ that God created.  The garden where Adam and Eve lived.  This garden existed ever since the creation of the world and no man has yet to discover its existence.  I am here now where no man has ever reached it.  So if this garden exists through out time, where is this?…which part of the world is this island and why am I here?”. With sudden gush of confusion and my mind coming back to reality, I stood up and walked away from the garden.  This time I tried to look for any signs of life.  I walked around the area searching for any presence of other people. As I reached the outskirts of the island, I suddenly heard voices around shouting “Get out of there! That place is forbidden! No man should ever step inside that valley!” .  So with my surprise, there were people outside the island.  But I could not see them, I could only hear them shouting from afar. As I tried to trace where the sounds were coming from, I finally made my way out of the island.  

I saw a little girl nearby, and with her are her mother and father.  They spoke English but they looked like Asians.  They were in some kind of farmers’ clothes and were wearing Chinese round hats made of wood like the one’s farmers use.  Their skin was brown and looked a lot like Filipinos but they didn’t speak tagalog so I figured they weren’t Filipinos. I asked, “…what valley is this?”.  And they answered, “this is the forbidden valley of God”.  In obvious awe upon hearing this, I tried to go near the family.  I saw few houses like nipa huts around the place.  Assuming the scene of the dream sequence, I understood that these people were caretakers of the island and that they have been there for a very long time.  The family was kind enough to welcome me to their home.  As I enter the family’s humble nipa hut, I sat down and the father offered me some water to drink.  I looked around the house and noticed that despite the obvious primitive living conditions, traces of modern devices are all around, like a high tech computer on the father’s desk.  So I asked the father, “why am I here? I don’t know how I got here”.  The father then took out a map.  The map looked very unfamiliar.  It lwas very old and looked like the world map, but I swear it didn’t look like the world map that I know.  The formation and shapes of the countries were very unfamiliar.  He pointed out from the map the location of the island saying, “this is the island, and this is where we are right now.  When we found you, I think you came from ‘here’”.  He was pointing on the map where he said I came from. It looked a bit like the map of the Philippines and was not very far from where the location of the island in the map was.  I don’t think it is the Philippines but the shape was very similar so I assumed, “Yes! I think I came from there.  Yeah, I’m really sure that’s where I came from!”.  Then the father said, “when we found you, you had nothing but a cellphone”.  Then he took out a Nokia 5210, and with shock, I said “that’s my cellphone!”.  The father then continued, “yes this is yours, you had it when we found you.  But I think it is broken because it was soaked in the water.  We tried to fix it and was able to retrieve the last messages.  I think the messages are from a certain ‘Rosette Tillmann’”. I hurried to grab the cellphone to read the messages.  While hurriedly browsing through the messages, it was all from Tetet with the msg saying, “Nasan ka na ba? kanina pa ako nandito, kanina pa kita hinihintay nasan ka na?!” (Where are you? I’m already here and waiting for you for very long).  I felt nothing but grief.  Remember, I was waiting for her all night in the party and I don’t even know what happened that all of a sudden I am in this unknown place. Anxiety and panic was all I felt, learning from the messages that she already arrived and was waiting for me.  I looked again at the cellphone and noticed, “hey look, my phone really IS broken…the year in the phone is set on the year 1989! It’s already 2003!”.  I even had the chance to laugh a little because the year was set wrongly in the year 1989.  Then the father suddenly said, “my boy…what are you thinking? It is already the year 8800.”

With all shock and distressed, I yelled, “the year 8800?!! How could that be?! This couldn’t be the year 8800?!!”.  Then the family narrated to me how I got there in the first place.  I was in a cryogenic sleep.  A cryogenic sleep is like from the movie Vanilla Sky or Captain America, where your body is put in suspended animation and you will be asleep until you wake up after several years, even a hundred, possibly.  It appears that someone has put me in a cryogenic sleep after I lost consciousness being drunk in Pio’s house party while waiting for Tetet.  From that instance I was awakened now in this unknown time and place.  After hearing the story, I broke down in tears.  Thinking over and over, “this can’t be! This can’t be happening”.  I was shouting, “I need to see Tetet! I need to find her now!! I need to see her now!!”.  The family tried to calm me down, saying, “You can’t find her.  It’s been thousands of years, boy.  Tetet is long gone”. And while with great sadness and confusion, the scene becomes blurry once again until finally, I woke up.   


I woke up, opened my eyes and had a very unexplainable feeling.  My heart was beating very fast and I swear every feeling from the dream was so real.  To this day, I don’t know the explanation of the dream.  As I analyze through it, it seems that after waking up from a cryogenic sleep, I woke up in a very new Earth.  The year 8800 is thousands of years ahead from the year 2003, and so I imagined by that time, Earth has evolved so much and the world started all over again and had its new beginning.  I never knew who put me in the cryogenic sleep or why.  I might have awaken in this new garden of Eden where the world has began all over again through the course of time.  Life on Earth began anew but somehow a few of technology survived.  This is only my own interpretation of my dream since I really cannot figure it out.  I don’t know if I could consider the dream as a love story, a mystery or something freaky – but I only know the feeling of so much shock, sadness, grief and tragedy of losing someone I greatly love in such a drastic way.  And the unexplainable feeling of overstated joy and peace inside the island that seemed to be really ‘the paradise’ we read about.  If it really was the future, the future none of us will ever live to see, then I find myself lucky to have a peek at it in a very short time through a very vivid dream.


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