Wait and Bleed

Twisted Tales:
Wait and Bleed
By Randy Paulino


War ravaged the kingdom time and time and again. The King and Queen managed to hold the keep until the kingdom rotted from within. Domestic conflicts overran attempts of reunification until the kingdom’s walls finally began to fall. It didn’t take long until King John lost Queen Mary to a Persian King who brought the war right at his doorstep. That event started a chain that would follow a titanic conflict…


After the long and bitter war, the once glorious kingdom was reduced to rubbles. King John soon abandoned his crown and throne and exiled himself to a far away land, custodian of only his sword and a few of his loyal Knights. He wandered aimlessly in limbo until he found refuge from a Chinese Emperor in a twist of fate.

King John served as general under the wing of this Emperor and as counselor and witness to the brooding Empire’s keep. He oversaw the Empire’s internal operations and kept himself in constant training in hopes of regaining a once lost glory and honor.

He travelled throughout the Empire’s colonies and from land to land, he tried searching for a new meaning and purpose. That’s where he saw a beautiful Princess of an Ivory kingdom.

She strides with long legs, a complexion that suggests she bathes in milk, eyes that windows an innocent but strong soul, and a grin that melts the ice of the Atlantic. Soft spoken, silent and her stares are enigma. She is said to have the wisdom of the wisest of Kings, and a devotion of unmatched parity over her craft. How mystery envelopes her made him fall down on his knees…once again.

But there is a price that has to be paid. Though his heart suddenly felt life once more at the sight and thought of this Princess, it was also crushed at the same time. For he has forbid himself to love.

For how can a lowly soldier who has lost himself and his kingdom, would ever be able to catch the attention of a Princess of such beauty, powerful mind and strong advocation?

He immediately dismissed the thought. He was nothing. She was everything. He was not for her. Many Princes of nearby lands are all trying to prove their worth for her love. He was of no match to such adversaries.

He strides once again to the imperial walls and watch the Princess from a far. He falls for her secretly…dreams of things that can never happen.

For now, he tries to cope up, tries to rebuild himself and reclaim his humanity. That maybe in time, there would be a chance to come to his Princess and show his worth.

But for now, he could only wait and bleed.


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