Time Travel Made Easy

The best way to time travel with an existing Time Machine

My point of view exactly, in the concept of time travel, is more than its possibility or impossibility…but rather, on how it could be done. Since the beginning of the modern age, man has been fascinated with the concept of time travel. It has been depicted, envisioned, in countless books and movies. Concepts and different interpretations of time machines from microscopic scales to gigantic futuristic machines. Some even visualized time travel through hypnosis, that through the mind, one can physically alternate reality and physiologically alternate time itself. After the ocean and space, time has become man’s final frontier. That remains to be a theory, a dream, a hope.

Though Einstein proved that time travel is indeed not possible, man continuously subscribe to its mythical notion. Scientifically, it has been theorized that in order to break the time barrier, a machine capable to move beyond the speed of light should be built, a probability beyond imagining. Should it be made possible, a human contained inside such a machine will not survive that kind of speed. Therefore, physically transporting a human being through lightspeed is impossible, and even if it were, destroying the time barrier could and might transport man to another timeline, but without control to the destination. In that effect, man could be lost in oblivion, if it were possible, not to mention it could even alternate the whole of reality as we know it. Logically, if time travel would be made possible even in the distant future, is it practical to think that someone would have already come back a long time ago? Then wars could have already been prevented and ancient history’s most enigmatic questions about our past should have been long answered?

With all the facts and fictions, I have long since concluded to myself that time travel is not literally possible…but mentally, it is.

If it were just to travel back to the past and relive it without any alterations to reality, then in a state of mind, it is definitely possible. In fact, I myself have been time traveling as often as I could.

Since the 19th century, a time machine has been invented, at least in a certain point of view. This time machine evolved through the times, and even now at the present day, it is virtually owned by each one of us. It is popularly known as the camera. Indeed, it is the closest thing to a time machine that will ever exist. Has one ever thought of the magic of the camera and its capability to capture time? The images and pictures it produces is the only way we can relive the past. The images it captures are time itself, immortalized. Those instant moments in our lives are immortally frozen that gives us the pleasure of viewing them, reliving them timelessly. I personally have made myself the routine to bring a hand-held camera with me all the time, and with the creation of the camphones, it has been made so much easy. The handy time machine can instantly capture priceless moments in our lifetime…moments which we can never alter or go back to, but which the camera can immortalize for us to cherish and relive the feeling. On each click of the shutter, a second of it already becomes the past, and the many images in time it captures, the more moments in time we can travel back to. With the help of our very own sense of sight, through the eyes, we can time travel through our pasts. The photo and video albums we keep in our households, each time we browse through them, isn’t it that we remember the feelings we had in that frozen moment? The happiness, sadness, frustrations, joy, love, we felt during that instance are instantly felt once again just by seeing them? The camera and our gift of sight are the only ways we can travel the past and glance through our grandparents during their teens, our parents as infants, or even ourselves during our formative years. And with the continuous development of the device, each passing moment we capture today are saved for the future to see. We save them for the generations to come so that they too can go back in time and relive…see…learn…from the past lives of our time.

Not only the camera can make us time travel, but our very own gift of senses. Aside from sight, we can travel the past through the gifts of our senses to hear and smell. The music or sound we hear lets us remember and feel the moments paired with it. The music of our childhood, the sounds we enjoy during our times of joy and sadness in the past, when he hear them again, doesn’t it bring us back to those moments? Or the scents of places we’ve been to, the perfumes of our loved ones, when we smell them again, we remember our past events in life and relive them even for a short moment.

I have been constantly time traveling for as long as I can remember, and I will continue to do so as long as I could. It is possible. So take as many pictures in your life as you can, it is the only way you can go back to the past. Use your senses to relive precious moments in time, we can never literally go back through them. We can only relive them through these.

In the end, it is in our minds, in our senses, with the help of the time machine called camera, that we can break the time barrier. And we can break it as long as we could. It is not fooling ourselves, for those moments we remember are not illusions…they did take place in our lives and the little things we can do to relive them.


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