Form Function Class – 1st Philippine Web Design Conference – Event Notes

Last July 10 2009, I attended the 1st Philippine Web Design Conference (Titled: Form Function & Class) at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM), together with my colleagues at O&B.

This was the first conference sponsored by the Philippine Web Designers Organization, in which by now I would encourage as much Filipino Web / Graphic Designers to be a member of.

Among things I have particularly noted from the conference; aside from Lola Techie‘s current popularity in the local media and YouTube (as noted by Aileen Apolo of Google), here are a couple of few notes I have managed to key-in my phone during the event:

Yes, the fact that Bad habits and how to fight them, breaking your instincts

DESIGNERS – are inclined to do things a certain way


by Gail dela Cruz-Villanueva

Exposure – Getting the Clients:

Online Opportunities: SEO, Directories, Link ADs, Placements, Blogging, Microblogging, Social Networks, Portfolio

Offline Opportunities: Tri-Media, Sponsorships, Word of Mouth

ONLINE PORTFOLIO should always contain:

  • About Page
  • Resume (for Freelancers & job seekers)
  • Services
  • Contact Info
  • Work Showcase



Before the Project:

  • Gather as much project details as possible
  • Make proposals clear and concise
  • Include a cost breakdown (stock photos are billed later)
  • Prepare a Contract/ MOA

* See samples of Project Cost Breakdown

During the Project:

(!) The Customer knows best…SOMETIMES

  • Usability Issues with Clients:
  • Artist + Programmer + Businessman
  • Compromise Approach with Clients’ desires
  • Added Costs Approach
  • Try to understand the client’s requests
  • Respect client’s existing brand
  • Be patient with disgruntled client IT reps and Webmasters
  • Don’t have the rockstar / diva attitude

After the Project:

  • Provide Support
  • Keep communication lines always open

Next Steps:

The 3 Types of Web Practitioners

  • Employee
  • Freelancer
  • Business Owner

…and 3 Types of Business Registrations

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnership (General & Limited)
  • Corporation

Expanding your Business

Through Outsourcing, Direct Clients, and Other Online Ventures


And what really stuck to me, is what Luis Buenaventura II presented in his talk on Strawberries, smlieys, and sheep – That there are only 3 things that should be kept in mind for a successful design and/ or business:




…and one last thing, a nicely put perspective that Twitter has indeed evolved to a micro version of theweb itself.


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