Adobe Creative Festival Philippines 2009

July 29, 2009

Crowne Plaza, Manila Galleria

A colleague from O&B Creative, Mikko Claour and I went to the Adobe Creative Festival – Live in the Philippines. A short but really noted event.

This was actually Adobe’s official launch of Creative Suite 4 (CS4) here in the Philippines. Just recently, we in the Creative team of Orange & Bronze just purchased our own sets of Adobe CS4 Design Premium, and everything they’ve presented in the event are included in the tutorial packages included in the bundle. Not only that, it’s all available (and more) online here , so you really didn’t miss anything – except the in-your-face and real time demonstration of all that’s new in CS4.

Everything from Acrobat’s Portfolio builder, Photoshop’s ability to open and edit .3ds files, InDesign’s very cool feature of exporting pages to Flash (.swf) with instant presentation transitions, Flash and Premiere’s ball joint features, Dreamweaver’s new anchors, Premiere’s meta tagging in videos thru speech translations...and so on…

Also noted is the Adobe Production Premium bundle and its summed up list and diagram of what’s what in post production process:

Integration & Output

Plan (Illustrator & Photoshop) –> Edit (Premiere) –> Motion Graphics, Compositing & Visual Effects (Aftereffects) –> Audio Editing & Mastering (Soundbooth) –> Deliver Anywhere (Flash & Encore)


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