Make a change. Don’t say.

Some time before 2006, I was generally apathetic to charity, largely detached from the idea of giving or the compassionate aspects of activism. Basically “socially unaware”. But then in contrast, I used to blurb about changes in society and the political fixes that supposedly can “cure” the cancer of our society and culture. I frequently debate and argue about all those; all talk no deed. In one of a sparring of words and principles with another highly opinionated (yet comfortably rests on the opposite view of things) colleagues – my then Manager/Supervisor in a company I used to work for, confronted me with a valuable principle that put me in my place:

“You talk about all the grand changes we should have in our society. You talk about moral revolutions and all that. But when was the last time you yourself helped the poor? When was the last time you did a simple act of kindness to the needy? When was the last time you actually shared what you have to those in need?”

My view of things forever changed at that point in time. And ever since, I have developed a personal mantra: It’s not about changing the world. It’s about changing yourself, and do whatever you can to those you can help. In time, who knows, it just may change the world nonetheless.

Others are sad because they cannot eat.

Most of us are sad because we cannot eat in a restaurant.

While you, you are sad because you cannot buy a restaurant.


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