What is the Twisted Circus?

A series of articles, emotions, issues, aimed to somehow stimulate the mind rather than entertain it. To look at the world and society from a different window that is not preordained to satisfy people nor go against them. Rather, to make them think and meditate upon a reality that many choose to take for granted.  An expression of creativity, culture, and philosophy. In here, there are endless representations, symbolisms, metaphors that are used; interpreted and told as tales from the twisted mind of a certain Filipino individual.



randy’s domain. Since the dawn and commercialization of the internet around 1996, I have always envisioned and used this moniker as the name of my own little corner in the world wide web.

I am Randy Paulino, a Filipino Web/ Graphic/ UI Designer & Artist, Political Idealist, a Writing & Photography Enthusiast, and Entrepreneur.

Currently, I am a low-key expatriate in Singapore – wandering around the city-state diversifying my personal and professional growth.

I sip coffee and walk around a lot for ‘internalization’.


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