The Smashing Book

Got my personal copy of Smashing Book!

After months of waiting straight from Germany, finally got my own copy of the popular design book “The Smashing Book” by Smashing Magazine

And what can I say, the almost complete guide for a web designer, developer & practitioner.  A compendium of tips, guides, and modern standards from Typography, CSS, and Web Optimization

In lieu of the launching of my brand Antworks Digital Design & Concepts, the book really comes in handy – a definitive guide to modern web design standards



Pugad Baboy by Pol Medina Jr.

Title: Pugad Baboy (Collected Editions – Dailies from Philippine Daily Inquirer)
Published Annually
Author: Pol Medina Jr.

I’ve been collecting Pugad Baboy books (collected editions) since 1994 and I have a complete collection from book 1 to 21 (the latest edition). I must say, in a sentence, the best authentic Filipino comic in the market. The humor is priceless, the art is outstanding, but the crown jewel of Pol Medina’s creation is its realism and true-to-form Pinoy story-arcs and strips. To those who do not understand the Filipino culture and identity, I recommend the Pugad Baboy title as an unofficial National Handbook of what and who the real modern Filipino is. Not only does it visually mirrors the lively and cheerful (often times dirty) humor of Pinoys, It also Continue reading “Pugad Baboy by Pol Medina Jr.”

Alamat Ng Gubat by Bob Ong

Title: Alamat ng Gubat
Author: Bob Ong

This book was a highly recommended read of a colleague, even long before I got my hands on it. And what can I say, another brilliant idea from Bob Ong. For those who are not familiar with Bob Ong’s works, he’s the one responsible for such local and famous best sellers as “Ang Paboritong Libro ni Hudas” and “ABNKKBSNPLAko?!” among others. As expected, candid humor and unconventional story-telling are the main ingredients of the book, but the crop is its unique presentation and plot, and, undoubtedly the mocking symbolism behind every character.
Continue reading “Alamat Ng Gubat by Bob Ong”

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