Wait and Bleed

Twisted Tales:
Wait and Bleed
By Randy Paulino


War ravaged the kingdom time and time and again. The King and Queen managed to hold the keep until the kingdom rotted from within. Domestic conflicts overran attempts of reunification until the kingdom’s walls finally began to fall. It didn’t take long until King John lost Queen Mary to a Persian King who brought the war right at his doorstep. That event started a chain that would follow a titanic conflict… Continue reading “Wait and Bleed”


A Rendezvous with Destiny

I chronicled this in 2003 and I just thought of writing it to share it to the world. The girl in the story is my ex-girlfriend, we are no longer together now and are currently living separate lives. Just to emphasize the matter that when this dream took place, and i wrote the piece, we were still together at the time. No connections whatsoever to the events of the present day.


When we dream, even how real it may feel sometimes, the feeling disappears after a day or two.  Eventually, we forget the stories of our dreams even how vivid they may be. Continue reading “A Rendezvous with Destiny”

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